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Grandmaster Mike Newby
*Started Taekwondo, Moo Duk Kwan and Hapkido in 1978 (Korean Martial Arts) 

Tested for 7th Dan through the United 
States Korean Martial Arts Federation in 2012 Grand Master J. R. West(9th Dan, DaeHan KiDoHwe), Grand Master Richard Hodder 9th Dan and Grand Master Sean Cavins 8th Dan

* Started Kali in1992 (Philippine Martial Arts) level 1

*Competitive Martial Artist 1979-1998

*Colorado State Taekwondo Association Black Belt Champion 13 years

*Taekwondo National Competitor and AAU National Bonze Medalist 1987

*Co- Owner and head instructor of Cho's Taekwondo 1987-1996 under Grandmaster Richard A. Hodder

*Trained over 100 Jr. State Champions and 37 Jr. Olympic National Champions since 1986

*1996 - currently Grand Master instructor for Delgado Taekwondo with Master Nico Delgado

*2015 Colorado State Vice President
State Officers
Angela DeOlivera
​Referee Director
 Colorado native who began his taekwondo career in 1984 as a teenager at Nam's Taekwondo Academy, studying under Master Sang Kook Nam, the eldest son of GrandMaster Nam Tae Hi.
 1987 he earned is 1st DAN black belt and began training to become an instructor as well as competing in numerous local and national level tournaments.
 1989, he earned his 2nd DAN black belt. During this time he trained with GrandMaster Bobby Clayton and the All Army Taekwondo team and became the instructor of Nam's Taekwondo Academy. He continue to compete in local and regional level tournaments.
 1992, he earned his 3rd DAN black belt and stopped competing to focus on instructing and training full time.
  1998, Master Hong earned his 4th DAN black belt. He continued to focus his efforts on teaching full time and working out by himself to further his development.
 2002, Master Hong earned his 5th DAN black belt 
 2005, was forced to close the school that he grew up in and teamed up with APEX Taekwondo Academy.
 2006, he assumed the role of master instructor at APEX Taekwondo Academy.
 2009 he earned his 6th DAN black belt and took over daily operations of APEX Taekwondo Academy.

Actively involved in COSTA for the last 4 years and looks to help COSTA continue to improve in the coming years.
Master Cliff Hong
Grandmaster Tiger Kim
Vice President
Born in Seoul, South Korea and moved to Colorado at age 3.  
 Started training under father 9thDan, Grand-Grandmaster Tiger Kim in the martial arts of Taekwondo, Tang Soo Do and Hapkido 
 Age 4 (1981)Competed in 1st Colorado State tournament and continued actively competing until 2004 Won State, National, and Jr Olympic competions including title of World Weapons Champion and has successfully worked with and directed the Disney's Elite Championships.  
 Published author of Taekwondo text books and one of the youngest 7th Dan Black belts Ranked from the Kukkiwon, ITF(International Tang Soo Do Federation) and the USTGS. 
Chris Ketchum
​Master Ketchum started with Judo in 1974, and a year later began Taekwondo with Master Ike Stafford in Springfield, MO. He later earned his 1st gup in Taekwondo and Hapkido under Grandmaster Choon Lee of Lenexa, KS.  
In 1985 he attained his Kukkiwon 1st dan while training under Grand Master Sung Dal Cho of Aurora, CO. During this tenure he attained his 3rd dan, competed, and taught as an assistant instructor to Grandmaster Cho for 10 years. He was active refereeing, and leading weekly competition classes to benefit young athletes learning to fight. Here he met the Martinez family.
Grand Master Cho passed in 1994, and the family moved to Evergreen, CO. Master Ketchum suffered a major back injury in 1998 and was away from the art until 2004, where he trained and taught with his friend, Master Tom Spratt of Clear Creek Taekwondo in Evergreen. He became reacquainted with the Martinez family, and discovered Masters Georgie and Steven Martinez had their own school which concentrated on Olympic style sparring, and began training with them in 2006, while still teaching a bit in Evergreen.
Master Ketchum earned his 4th dan in 2009, taught and trained at Martinez Taekwondo until school closure in 2012. He is currently training with Grandmaster Andre’ DeOliveira in Thornton, CO and earned his 5th dan in 2015. He has been involved since 2006 with COSTA as a referee, Technical Director, and current Secretary.
Kukkiwon Certified 5D, Certified USAT Referee B-2 National; USAT Sports Poomsae Referee, Level 2; and a Certified Emergency Medical Technician.

*Angela DeOliveira - CTA
*Larry Cain - American Taekwondo Fellowship
*Linda Kimmich - CTA
Aaron Vestal - ALL
Ahmad Dastgeer - Elite Martial Arts
Alyssa Allen - ALL
Andre DeOlivieira - CTA
Angela Young - CTA
Angelica Nunez - CTA
Anthony Genella - Martinez
Beth Lopez - KAT
Bill Pottle - KAT
Carolyn Nunez - CTA
Chris Ketchum - CTA
Cindi Sallee - ALL
Douglas Gulick - USTC
Gabriel Vigil - MYT
Gazala Hays - 
Harrison Archer - KAT
Hector Guevara - Tiger Kim's
Hussai Dastgeer - Elite Martial Arts
Jason Vestal - ALL
Jeremiah Moran - CTA
Johnny Kimmich - Kimmich Training  
Laron Younger - KAT
Larry Evans - A-Team
Mathew Ulman - Tiger Kim's
Melchor Moran - CTA
Nancy Gulick - USTC
Paul Kimmich - CTA
Paul Olmsted - Woosong Foundation
Robert McKenna - Lakai Taekwondo / KAT South
Sherri Creel - ESA
Wallid Dastgeer - Elite Martial Arts
Yoon Wilson - Lakai Taekwondo / KAT South
Yosvany Perez - MYT
Zalingo Nwuke - Metro / KAT
* denotes International Referee
Bob Gallagher
Tournament Director